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Terms and Conditions

Customer shall, and hereby does, indemnify HPC Technical Services and hold fully and completely against any and all claims for injury or damage.

Purchase orders, written or verbal, issued to HPC Technical Services may be changed only with written authorization from HPC Technical Services. The terms and conditions of such changes must indemnify HPC Technical Services against loss. Purchase Orders cancelled without permission from HPC Technical Services will be invoiced at twenty-five percent (25%) of the total Purchase Order amount.

All applicable rights to copyright, trade secrets, trademarks and other proprietary rights in and to materials, procedures and documentation, whether in electronic or tangible form, developed by HPC Technical Services and provided to Customer (the “Proprietary Information”) remain the exclusive property of HPC Technical Services. Customer shall not sell, transfer, publish, disclose, display or otherwise make available the Proprietary Information without the express written consent of HPC Technical Services. Customer agrees to secure and protect the Proprietary Information in a manner consistent with the maintenance of HPC Technical Services’ rights therein and to take appropriate action by instruction or agreement with its employees who are permitted access to such information to satisfy its obligation hereunder.

Authorized use of Learning-Docs extends only to the subscriber. In the case of plant or companywide purchase, authorized use of Learning-Docs extends only to the subscriber, their employees, and staff in connection with the business of the subscriber. Unauthorized use shall subject the user to legal action for injunctive relief and damages.

Any legal action in connection with this Proposal and use of the Learning-Docs for whatsoever reason shall be initiated only in the State of Florida. Actions for injunctive relief and damages based upon unauthorized use or distribution may be initiated in the State of Florida or other appropriate jurisdiction at the option of HPC Technical Services.